Welcome to Thnal Dach village!

My name is Hak Hort and I have a small project, Volunteer and Village Help in Cambodia Organization. My project is aimed at teaching English to the students in my village because I believe English is the best way for children to get better jobs and help their families.


Thnal Dach… a village with nearly 150 houses along the sides of a long dirt road. Smiling faces of parents and grandparents welcome you from the stilted houses, and children shout “hello”, excited to have the opportunity to see visitors. They welcome the opportunity to learn from visitors from around the world; their hunger for knowledge only grows each hour.

An agricultural community of rice farmers, fishermen, and livestock farmers, Thnal Dach’s villagers live simple lives. Their resources are scarce and their lives are impacted by the extremes of the wet and dry seasons. Regardless, the uncertainties of the future never seem to cause moments of anger or unhappiness. This community will teach you how to love life with what you have, make the most from the little you acquire, and live a life that considers others around you in order to

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